1. “I really hate those damned decorative paper strips – they get God damned everywhere, and you keep finding them two weeks after you throw the basket out. I swear to Christ if he gets any on my floor…” – Pope

  2. That’s a couple of world-class grifters right there.

  3. Tiggles

    “Why yes, your Holiness, its a wine that smells and tastes like young boys fresh from a shower. MI-5 obtained it from the Sandusky Winery in some place with the dreadful name of Pittsburgh, over in the colonies, don’t you know. Pip pip cheerio!”

  4. They gave the pope a Hickory Farms gift basket?

  5. Fuck that weak ass grape juice. Christ’s blood is gonna be 25 year old scotch and we getting fucked up!

  6. “Few drops of this would be enough to knock a lad flat on his arse!”
    “Shame, that’s the best part!”
    “Hahahahahha… wait, what?”

  7. JimBB

    And these have been pre-screened to make sure Charles didn’t poison them, I presume?

  8. ” Since I have to sleep with this thing at night , this is the bottle that makes me forget, whats your poison Pope?

  9. “Tequila slammer, your grace?”

  10. The wine is French, the cheese is Italian, and the boys are Filipino.

  11. “Alright… let’s get shitfaced!”

  12. Cock Dr

    Wish we could have watched the old farts getting hammered. I’ll bet the hats came off then.

  13. Little known fact: Altar boys love scotch.

  14. Let’s say we kill this and then hop on the missus here.

  15. A whole bottle of Jesus’ blood!

  16. Is this a Pentavirate meeting? Where is the Colonel with his wee beady eyes?

  17. Let me know if you’ve heard this one before: A queen, a prince, and a pope walk into a boys home….

  18. “Mazel tov!”

  19. “Jesus juice.”

  20. I’m digging the Queen’s push-up bra. I mean, those things are probably jacked up a good cubit or decimeter or whatever the hell unit they’re using over there now. I guess what I’m trying to say is that her tits are higher than her knees. For that, I say, “kudos,” to her undergarment.

  21. “Smithers break out the Holy grails … It’s party time !”

  22. Really...?

    Those guys are serious about “Exit through the Gift Shop” over there eh.

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