1. “Two Round Top! One Slot Low! OMAHA!”

  2. ultra

    Heeere’s Johnny!

  3. JimBB

    Every guy in every Lifetime movie ever made.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Look at my bitch… she is so fine.

    Umm, Mr. Brady, can I move this mirror now?

  5. So much better looking than his wife.

  6. Robb7

    Hate him, his wife, his team, and that cheating-ass Belichick!

  7. you know what he’s thinking…”Im so sick of her shit”

  8. We all know damn well it wasn’t his wife he was watching..

  9. Melanie

    Is my computer screen dirty, or is that a large cum smear on the front of his shirt?

  10. “I could do it better…You know I could do it better…Someday I will do it better…”

  11. “I found fido!”

  12. That is the look of a guy who is stoked that the backstage area of a fashion show was loaded up with powdered donuts. Black shirt be damned, he ate every last one of them.

  13. For every beautiful woman there is some dude that’s tired of fucking her.

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