1. Doing shit like this is the downside of show business.

  2. Wow, one of her legs is much longer than the other.

  3. JimBB

    I never let my hording get in the way of my fashion.

  4. anonymous

    Yeah right she eats any of that shit in the background.

  5. Billy Ray Cyrus must be wondering what Veronica Mars is doing in his kitchen.

  6. Rely on sponsors much?

  7. Above comments left by the Seven Dwarves: Jealous, Bitter, Angry, Loser, Envious, Grudge, and Hater.

    Kristen Bell > cooler than all of you put together

  8. Overrated midget

  9. My kitchen has a hidden shelving area, that I call a pantry. She needs one for all her stuff. :)

  10. I’d like to do a Kickstarter to play with her breasts.

  11. So an every day moment for celebrities involves taking every food item out of their cupboards and arranging them picturesquely on the countertop for background photo ops?

    Not surprised.

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