1. Now she’s copy Nicki Minaj?

  2. This woman is not running all cylinders .

  3. littletongue

    Mini flapjacks! Awesome with maple syrup! Bieber? Your shot!

  4. ArtGirl

    Well look at that, Adelle finally lost weight and apparently her dignity as well…

  5. Ronaldo

    I agree with some of the previos comments. Nice “real” tits. Hanging in all their glory nicely. We already know she has a nice ass and last, nobody can’t deny that she has a good voice. She might be out there in the head, but these mentioned 3 facts can’t be denied.

  6. Her tits look like they died trying to escape her body.

  7. If what they say is true about how crazy chicks are fun in the sack, then this goofy chick must be tons of fun. Agree with others here, nice tits and ass. Butter (poker?) face

  8. “I’d show you my nipples, but I’m renting them out to the catholic church.”

  9. Lou Braccant

    “What, it’s called art you dickhead…look it up!”

  10. Ugly chick for stupid people

  11. Any ideas? I’m all out

  12. Man, she is never going to get Uncle Terry’s man-chowder out of that wig.

  13. This must be on the set of the video for her song, “Grinch Bukkake 4.”

  14. Inner Retard

    What?! I thought you knew I was an attention whore.

  15. That’s not tape.

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