1. argleblargle

    How and why does anyone think he’s hot?!

  2. Matty

    Is it just me, or is he slowly morphing into Christopher Lloyd?

  3. DKNY

    I see he went back to his troll pencil eraser hair

  4. He always looks like he’s on day 2 of trying to quit drugs cold turkey. The fact that he brushes his teeth with coffee and styles his hair with bacon grease doesn’t help either.

  5. Yahoo Serious rules.

  6. Ho.Lee.Shit

    I don’t get it.

  7. desabrey

    is it just me, or is Tim Burton looking younger?

  8. I know teenage girls don’t have a lot of money, but I’d think he could afford some Crest Whitestrips by now.

  9. MrsPlant

    Wow.. he really is British….

  10. Turd Ferguson

    So that bullshit hair wasn’t just for the vampire movies?

  11. “And then it just gushes out everywhere! Like a geyser! It’s easy, too, you can do it with your fingers. Women just lay there and moan. They suck.”

  12. justuhbill

    Coming up next for Patterson is the lead in “Gay Wolverine: the Musical!”

  13. Captain Slappy

    THAT is what Wolverine looks like after 15 dime-bags, and hammering 8-Balls like Chuckles the Sheen……

  14. Beatnik

    He’s British, right? I couldn’t remember, but then I saw his teeth.

  15. Dr. Awesome

    he’s slowly turning into pete dougherty

  16. Annie from Fremantle

    Women my age think he’s attractive? I am ashamed of my peers.

  17. Milf

    Yes, I am a MILF. But taking a pass on this one.

  18. Woof

    This guy is starting to make Charlie Sheen look healthy and refreshed.

  19. Deryn

    The thing that turns me off more than the wackadoo hair or the smoky teeth or the fucking IT’S YOUR PREMIERE, SO SHAVE, is how naturally beautiful people deliberately make themselves horrendous, out of some screwed-up sense of “it’s not my fault I’m so pretty, so here, I’ll look like *you* to make it all better”. It’s moronic and contemptuous, all at the same time. Can’t you just own it, for fuck’s sake?

  20. lori

    Looks like a skid row bum. Disgusting hair, teeth, complexion. Somebody drag him in and give him a shower. Gross.

  21. Cock Dr

    Love the UK accent, but damn he is a nasty mess….and at his own big time movie premiere.

  22. sam hain

    Meth + 2 turns on the dildo go round=Bad hair day

  23. emjay

    actually the photographer’s white balance is making his eyes and teeth look yellow. He has sparkling whites actually. Anyway….glad all you fine people are able to gather and rip apart a very kind and very handsome man. Whatever makes you feel better – am I right? Carry on douche bags

    • Actually, I’m here because I crave attention, not because it makes me feel better. Psychology FAIL!

    • ‘The photographer’s white balance is making his eyes and teeth look yellow’ ..ohh so Robert’s just the victim of bad photography skills and weird camera settings? Gotcha.

    • kimmykimkim

      I don’t really see how you came up with the “handsome” part of your post but, I’m soooo glad you’re allowing us “douche bags” to carry on. Thanks, Mom! Love you!

    • homesickabortion

      good luck with being a twiblight mom. he’s gay, but dont let that stop you from jizzing yourself.

  24. TwoDickSally

    I thought he played a vampire why does he look likes hes going Teen Wolf?

  25. He got a perdy mauth.

  26. Haji

    I’d say a smart ass comment about him, but honestly? He’s had to star in all the Twilight movies. I think that’s enough.

  27. c-h


  28. “Hedley & Wyche is the toothpaste that makes brushing a pleasure. That’s because its mild cleaning agent is enhanced by two teaspoons of pure cane sugar, for a smile that says ‘Yum, that was good!’”

  29. LJ

    His eyes keep getting farther apart… it’s like he’s developing fetal alcohol syndrome as he ages. If he were a vampire, in a few hundred years his eyes would be on the sides of his head… see how many people come to your movies then, dude.

  30. kimmykimkim

    This fucker is just scary looking!

  31. lkflfklkfffff

    i can’t believe all of the fanfare around when they were filming that movie, everyone crapping themselves to get a glimpse of him, etc. I heard he was out in a local bar and is a nice guy, but I just don’t get the silliness. Too old I guess

  32. gigitastic


    Wheres Buffy When you need her?

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