1. WTF

    I thought you said this was the exception to the sausage party.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Carrot Top is getting out of hand with these stage props.

  3. Mandi

    There was NO dildo when I saw her. I don’t know whether to feel lucky or jipped.

  4. Jacqueline Hyde

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Nicki Minaj’s dick.

  5. 2for2true

    Stupid broad…it goes the other way…

  6. desabrey

    I KNEW IT!

  7. vlad

    I’m Gumby’s Mom…err, Dad, dammit!

  8. Jakester

    This is what culture and entertainment have become? I feel like growing up in the 80s was the height of culture compared to this.

    • Lisa

      I know. Looking at this makes me feel lucky for having to listen to the Bee Gees all the time.

    • homesickabortion

      it was. punk rock clearly was the last boom of creativity before the cultural wasteland we see before us today.

  9. she looks like a rainbow snowcone…with a penis. I think they call that a “Michael Jackson Special”

  10. Lavant Hardcastle

    The film reboot of House Party is so gay.

  11. Kyle Butler

    Now shes taken trying to be the black lady GaGa to an extreme. Just because she may have a penis doesn’t mean you have to put her down by showing your larger black one.

  12. Knippy

    What is she singing that a penis is a necessary prop to help people understand what the song is about?

  13. President Obama is really taking this whole, “I’m your parent but I want to be your friend too”, thing too far.

  14. Are they letting Sid and Marty Kroft do a new show?

  15. Jess


  16. justuhbill

    Why isn’t that in her mouth, where a good woman would have it/

  17. Captain Slappy

    Almost as big as mine….in other news….Insane Clown Posse has hired Bobby Brown to sing “Everybody” by Black Box as a front man. You do know it’s not polite to wave your weiner in public….right dude?

  18. Annie from Fremantle

    Lady Gaga Gaga’s in a Looooooooooooooooot of trouble now for painting herself dark brown..

  19. Milf

    The mic matches – points for accessorizing.

  20. Woof

    She dressed up like all my favorite sherbet flavors at once…

  21. lori

    What a f*cking idiot. This is so depressing. America has truly hit rock bottom.

  22. Cam

    Now that’s how you market Rainbow Bright to the urban set.

    Way to go Nicki!

  23. “We paid to see some crazy person get a boner?”

  24. The Critical Crassness

    WTF..She’s wearing cotton candy on her head, either that or her Afrosheen reacted badly with her hair dye!

  25. Pirate Hunter

    Chocolate Ga Ga…

  26. c-h

    MOM! NO! well, now you’ve ruined another Easter…

  27. Simole

    A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case all one thousand of those words are DESPERATE.

  28. At least she has the common decency to pull it out and take a leak so she doesn’t piss herself in an embarrassing fashion onstage like Fergie did a few years back.

  29. MrsWrong

    You’ve got to work…workit girl…sashay…chante

  30. Noel

    after seeing this, i bet britney drops her from her tour.

    ’cause i give a shit. jesus…i need to get a job.

  31. Lesbians, right? You made a choice ladies…

  32. UnholyKrep

    I knew when Gumby started hanging out with Bobby Brown things were going to get ugly.

  33. Alf

    Minus the fake dick, Nicki Minaj is hot. She’s got a big gorgeous ass I’d love to fuck with my tongue.

  34. SIN

    She is going to desperate measures to stay in the media since they found out she is a horrible singer.

  35. Brooke

    What. Is. That.

  36. Nicki Minaj suffers an embarrassing, career-ending wardrobe malfunction.

  37. homesickabortion

    Me says
    who the fuck is this
    Friend says
    The star of the newest children’s program in brazil?

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