1. Deacon Jones

    Great. Jamie Kennedy is doing drag now? Terrific.

  2. I think this one should be towed back into the ocean also.

  3. Jill_Ess

    The ooooh, ASsCAP Awards. Ke$ha thought she was there for the ASsHAT awards.

  4. meg

    Lady looks like a dude.

  5. 2for2true

    Ooh la la, Corey Feldman!

  6. Professor Gascan

    We should thank her for reminding us all of our grandma’s cleavage.

  7. That dude looks like a chick.

  8. marie

    Fire your stylist/M.U. artist immediately!!!!

  9. Good Lode! This chick needs to go see Lisle von Roman immediately! Wait, isn’t she like 25? Shit, then not even magic can help her ass.

  10. desabrey

    What the hell is that?!?

  11. Hugh Gentry

    mmmmm old lady boobs

  12. Josephus

    Nick Hogan, too embarrassed to be seen after his fling with Tila Tequila became public, appeared incognito at the ASCAP Awards last night.

  13. adolf hitler

    lol @ her cleavage

  14. I didnt’ know the ASPCA had awards, but I’m glad Ke$ha finally won. Best In Show!

  15. HumpinFrog

    Ke$ha, giving guys massive limp-ons since 2009. On a positive note, I just remembered I promised the kids pancakes for dinner.

  16. Nancy Pelosi

    “Wake in the morning feeling like P-Diddy…”…yeah because they both have a cock.

  17. Instahater

    Like a football in a tube sock…..

  18. After the accident the aliens tried to repair her, but they had never seen a woman before.

  19. Turd Ferguson

    Just, umm – wow.
    And thats not a good WOW, its like an embarrassed WTF wow.

  20. Sarah M

    Tragically Hip Barbie hits stores today! She comes complete with ill-fitting bikini’s, bad skin and no self-awareness.

  21. Captain Slappy

    I don’t know who this is. Somehow..I think that knowledge is not so much a loss, but a net gain.

  22. kill it

    Remember when women had to be attractive in order to become a celebrity?
    I am better looking than this one and I am just an ordinary citizen. I don’t like boob jobs but this sister needs a boob job. And a stylist. And a trainer. And please just go away.

  23. Dr. Awesome

    she either has the cleeve of a really fat dude or someone over 60. i can’t tell the difference.

    • Toxic

      Wow, so she has real breasts. Natural ones that are larger than a B typically have a little bit of sag to them.

      She is indeed a very unfortunate-looking girl, though.

  24. chris breezy boxing academy

    I’d like to lick the syrup off of those pancakes

  25. Shawn

    I hear they are running hourly donkey rides into the canyon these days.

  26. Brian

    Ke$ha doesn’t look all that bad in this pic. OK tits.

  27. antoine bugleboy

    Remember that urban legend that the guy who played Paul, the nerdy kid from Wonder Years, grew up to be Marilyn Manson? Well I have it on good authority (this pic) that Wayne, the annoying older brother, grew some flapjack tits and became “Ke$ha”.

  28. jezziebelle

    In todays image driven society, how the fuck did she make it? Dog ugly face, lumpy saggy body, can’t sing for shit and her songs are boring. I am no fan but whoever keeps her relevant – please stop buying her music.

  29. TwoDickSally

    I bet if you touched her she would be sticky.

  30. ts

    Nasty flap jacks. Not even remotely hot in any way, shape or form.


  32. smittyburger

    i guess she didn’t feel like tanning that gaping valley between her tities? gross.

  33. Wow. Vanilla Ice has really come off the rails.

  34. c-h

    who let the dogs out woof woof!?!?

  35. If you dyed Ke$ha’s hair black, her and Amy Winehouse could pass for twins, sisters at the very least.

  36. Zswan

    Looks like someone hit a bump while driving and putting on their eyeliner…

  37. MrsWrong

    After the embarassment of the release of the birth certificate, Donald Trump thought it would be best if he went undercover to the ASCAP awards. But noone…NOONE was touching his hair…

  38. Goblinkatie

    It’s like Amy Winehouse, Brittney Spears, Wonkboobs Patridge and Mr Ed had an orgy that produced an offspring.

  39. lxhalx19

    Ke$ha is like scambled porn. I keep squinting and turning my head hoping it will get hot, but after a few minutes I give up because I can only see nut sacks.

  40. It used to be that if a chick had horrible music, you could say “Yeah but they’re so hot!”. How the f*ck am I supposed to explain Ke$ha to future generations?! Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

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