1. Genius Ideeut


  2. That’s just fucking awesome!

  3. catapostrophe

    This won’t be topped soon.

  4. Dick Hell

    Q: What is the difference between these two spherical objects?
    A: The one on top is confident enough not to require a comb-over.

  5. There’s no caption that can make this better than it already is.

  6. John Riley

    The owner of that balloon was soon served with a lawsuit over the potential energy rights.

  7. Pull all you want, buddy, that balloon belongs to The Donald now!

  8. they HATE that dumb fucker in Scotland. ALL HAIL the Scots!

  9. “Static electricity………you’re FIRED!”

  10. Caseum


  11. Buddy The Elf

    The photo prior to this they used an Orange balloon.
    But you couldnt see it next to his face so they switched to yellow.

  12. Jack

    “The colostomy bag goes inside my pants, you dipshit! You’re FIRED!!!”

  13. The Scottish Tea Party demonstrates its idea of alternative energy sources.

  14. toopier

    This is the fucking nobel peace prize, grammy, oscar, tony, and spray tan award winning photo of the century. The only way it could be any better would be if the words “wind bag” were on the balloo…..what? your are kidding, right?

  15. You need a van der Graf generator to counteract the 10 pounds of hairspray he applies every morning.

  16. This should make the ‘Best Of…’ this week, with no caption whatsoever.

  17. El Jefe

    The guy who did this deserves a goddamn medal. Awesome.

  18. I’d love to see someone dump a pail of water on that asshole’s head!

  19. mbcl

    both are filled with hot air.

  20. Kelly Brook's new stalker

    His hair has finally stopped defying physics.

  21. squishy

    Bloody Brilliant Scots!!!

  22. its true douche bags produce the most electricity

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