1. Crissy

    Dont tell me she…. Ugh! gross!

  2. Dick Hell

    AbFab just isn’t as amusing in real life.

  3. You can smell the class from here.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    This looks like the last thing you see before you place the shotgun into your mouth.

  5. EricLr

    I’ve never been more grateful that no one ever invented the technology to capture smell with a picture.

  6. The last thing you see before you wake up with a size 7 poop chute and the taste of antifreeze in your mouth.

  7. me

    even her nipple avoids to be seen in the same foto as her

  8. DeucePickle

    There are 2 Courtney Loves ?

  9. At what point do you not feel cold? I’d be adjusting that top constantly! Then again, I’m not cracked out of my mond, either…

  10. neo_v

    who is that poor soul propping her up?

  11. I give her a week to live. Hope her ‘friend’ got cash.

  12. Cock Dr

    These are not the tits we’re looking for.

  13. She’s not used to her legs being that close together.

  14. Col. Bat Guano

    Miss Havisham? What are you doing with that lighter?

  15. Champ

    Just die already lady.
    You can probably buy Kurt’s old shotgun somewhere on EBay.

  16. I get it!

    All she cares about is herself.

  17. Grand Poobah

    who’s on top?

  18. I’d eat a shotgun first…

  19. Kurt would have pulled the trigger again… and again.

  20. So after a long, romantic evening of music, fine dining and champagne, the two ladies retired to Ms. Love’s quarters and fisted the shit out of one another.


  21. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Courtneys as crap-tastic as ever but WOW Joan Rivers is lookin good!

  22. nacey

    Don’t forget that someone else is there taking the picture.

  23. Franka

    This is what one does when one’s public personae used to matter and now, no longer does – and your only (teenage) child is embarrassed by your conduct and hates you. If you are a female, you dress up in your “finest,” rent rooms and engage the services of female prostitutes, acquired from the mean streets of “wherever you are,” whom you’ve similarly attired. Then one pops the top on a bottle of Michelob Light, pours it into champagne glasses and “Twitters” the photos. From edgy, to sad, to pathetic. This is Courtney Love’s Life Journey.

  24. El Jefe

    The stench in that room must be horrific.

  25. What in the hell is this picture all about, and why in the fuck would anyone expend the effort to make sure other people actually see it?

  26. Ollie

    Burn it with fire.

  27. Samantha

    “I’m a refined -HIC- lady!! Take that (*falls down*) Dave Grohl..” *vomits*

  28. Franka

    The Hooker with the wild look in her eyes, hugging the pink stuffed toy really looks into her.

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