1. alex

    Waitaminute, Nottingham is a real place?

  2. In England, farting on black kids is not only not discouraged, it is expected.

  3. He’s getting ready to goosestep

  4. It’s clear what that little girl is thinking…”Dat Arse!”

  5. “The Brain Injury Association?!?” In HEADway?!?

  6. cc

    Handsome race the English.

  7. Once again, the special needs kid gets placed in the corner and ignored. Classic!!

  8. This is the position I assume every time my Dad, Price Charles, has a raging woody.

  9. MrG

    “And that, my loyal subjects, is how one twerks!”

  10. I’m with the little boy behind him. *yawn*

  11. Pin the Tail on the Donkey being out of the question, handlers were teaching little Tylenol how to play Stick the Union Jack Up Harry’s Arse.

  12. me

    “ehhhh macarena ai!”

  13. Only the People’s Prince cares enough to let British schoolchildren stick flags up his bum.

  14. Ryyyyyyyyyyyyan

    That suit sucks.

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