1. Meese

    she looks like Hilary Swank

  2. Every woman loves to be felt up on the red carpet.

  3. The man is smooth… Putting his hand through his zipper to finger her? Classic…

  4. At first glance I thought he was trying to fingerbang her like it was an 8th grade dance.

  5. PJ Bandit

    Oh, here you love me. But at home it’s iron me this now, Iron Man ‘that’ later.

  6. Has anyone noticed that HE’S EATING HER FACE?

  7. “What you’re feeling down there there is actually my hand my hand…wrapped around my raging boner.”

  8. Reaction of a wife to a kiss from a husband that may or may not be into penis.

  9. “Robert, you can’t fucking do that in a theater right dab in the middle of Los-fucking-Angeles! People are going to talk.”

  10. Jenn

    Lips that touched the Goop…I’d make that face too.

  11. “Hello Clarice!”

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