1. Cock Dr

    She seems well suited to this particular promotional event. I can easily visualize this woman doing shot after shot of SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape vodka. Is she truly a celebrity or just some random plucked from the Hollywood club floor?

  2. Frank Burns

    Oh I get it. You drink enough ‘grape vodka’ and this one starts to look like Vanessa Hudgens in the other shot, kind of a before and after beer goggles effect.

    Why do distillers think they have to dump a box of fruit into everything now? I was at the gas station mini-mart getting a six, and there was Michelob with ‘dragonfruit and peach’ in their fridge. Nasty! Don’t fruit the beer.

  3. cc

    ‘Bad Girl Allstar Nunn’? You are still ugly.

  4. So Jay Leno cheated on his wife with a black woman.

  5. “Don’t want” Nunn

  6. Vlad

    She wears a necklace with her name on it so people will know who she is.

  7. keep it classy, whore

  8. her face looks like a 1/2 moon

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