1. B&WMinstrel

    Smart dog. He’s a six on his own but around an ugly turtle he’s a ten.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Can’t believe De Niro gets Grumpy Cat and I get . . . Who the fuck is this again?”

  3. You got no right to be indignant while wearing a hat like that.

  4. PJ Bandit

    The face says it all, his agent, publicist, and stylist are all fired. I can already hear: Ezekiel 25:17….

  5. swalton

    In every photo theres always a dog with a phone dial on its neck saying it all with his eyes

  6. I didn’t know Maya Angelou was such a fan of dogs…

  7. “Ok, perfect! Now could you just say, ‘What up, dog?’”

  8. T-Time

    “And you’ll know my name is the LORD!, when I….ummm…when I go total 80′s-style, wearing Blossom’s hat and kickin’ it with Spuds McKenzie.”

  9. Jenn

    Get these mothah fuckin dog off this mothah fuckin stage!!

  10. Max

    I love that dog!

  11. tiger balls

    looks like someone just got a new bedazzler!

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