1. ThisWillHurt

    You had me at “I never fucked Bieber.”

  2. My favourite LBFM.

  3. She’s getting hotter and hotter

  4. Grace

    I’m a woman and I approve of those legs!

  5. PJ Bandit

    I just had a vision of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens making out slowly naked on a bed among fluffy white pillows.

  6. cc

    She’s smart too…she emailed crotch shots that no one can post without breaking the law.

  7. Liquid candy that gets you drunk! Adults only.

  8. Smapdi

    Remember fellas, Gwyneth Paltrow is prettier!

  9. that picture description makes my mind hurt

  10. Her face resembles “Darkness” from the movie Legend.

  11. Looks like someone who went on a 2 day sleepless cocaine bender.

  12. lori

    Could you possibly dress any stupider? Oh yeah. Coachella.

  13. Mike

    Trust me, this picture is the primo antidote after seeing Kim Kardashian’s big ass.

  14. Her hotness and Gomez’s are inversely proportional.

  15. Beer Baron

    Friday Mid-Day Boner Alert!

  16. Arzach

    Well hello Vanessa! Smoking hot!

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