1. Meese

    Tara Reed with the next guy who will be able to say he got herpes from Tara Reed.

  2. Watch your gold chains Mr.

  3. He’ll need that beer later when he has to splooge after she blows him. I hope nobody drinks it after.

  4. The cycle is complete.

  5. “No really, I’m famous…I was in movies”

    “that’s nice, look I gotta take this call”

  6. K-Tron

    I had to look at this picture like 17 times to be sure that there wasn’t a line of coke on the table.

  7. PJ Bandit

    Wanna hear something funny, Tony? I just peed in that cup… Why are you hitting me?!

  8. angerinside

    “Remember…giggle…giggle… I blow for blow….giggle…giggle….

  9. cc

    Oh c’mon, I am desperate, take a nude Instagram pic of me….c’moooooon.

  10. gary coleman's ghost

    DeNiro is actually Anthony Smith, the former All-American wide receiver from Notre Dame who was not only a star of its 1988 undefeated national championship team, but an Academic All-American too. He’s a successful career and branding consultant to some of the entertainment industry’s top stars (Ben Harper, Sean Combs, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, etc.) He’s got his work cut out for him with Tara Reid. I’m not sure Houdini could resuscitate that bitch’s career.

  11. “Yeah, calm down, bitch. I told you, after I finish THIS margarita you’ll be attractive enough for me to have sex with.”

  12. “C’mon for 1,000 bucks? No? 500? 100? 10 bucks? A Cheeseburger?”

  13. Poor Tara. She truly believes this guy is Robert DeNiro’s son. She looks so happy.

  14. Not going to lie, thought that was Katt Williams.

  15. T-Time


  16. JungleRed

    “I just dropped a rufie in your drink, hehe!”
    “Yeah, I know. I dropped one in the one you just finished.”

  17. You know she’s torn up if a blonde, famous, drunk white girl can’t get a black dude to look up from his phone.

  18. Has Tara Reid ever been with the same guy more than once?

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