1. B&WMinstrel

    For some reason this reminds me of the time we went cutting turf and the ass got lost in the dark

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “My god! That ass is huge!” – First time photographer who hasn’t been near a computer or magazine rack in 5 years.

  3. ScotlandThe Brave

    Seen as Gwyneth Paltrow scored some publicity with her see through dress, Kim debuts her version.

  4. Alex

    Khloe is looking good.

  5. The black man in me says: Damn, I’d hit that. She’s already pregnant.
    But the white man in me says: BURN IT! BURN IT NOW!

  6. Jade

    I would have thought that Kim Kardashian could afford a stylist. And a mirror.

    • popwilleatitself

      She listens to the advice of a stylist, and looks in the mirror. Then she does the opposite because any publicity is good publicity for a fame whore. If she wore age and size appropriate clothes, no one would photograph her.

  7. PJ Bandit

    The ass that could make even a thousand burritos march to an honorable defeat.

  8. Nobody ordered the pork rinds.

  9. Cock Dr

    This talentless cow quite literally shakes her moneymaker.

  10. cc

    The hilarious part is that underway is still bigger than a bed sheet.

  11. BobBoberson

    The crap we missed? More like the crack we missed… Get it? Because crap sounds like crack and you can see her ass…

    Whatever. Fuck off.

  12. That reminds me, I have to paint my fence this weekend.

  13. Panties

    Size 20 panties on a size 50 ass!

  14. Fishballs

    That dress better come with a charcoal filter.

  15. yourmom

    The queen of ass must have an ass window!

  16. Mitch

    She is one foul fat fuck.

  17. Just wait for the Vanity Fair issue with her fat, naked, pregnant body on the cover. If god really loves us, it’ll be her & Kanye both naked

  18. I ask you, is there anything classier and more heart-warming than an expectant mother walking through one of the largest cities in the world with her ass (also one of the largest in the world) hanging out?

  19. Burt

    That girl is so insecure, it’s not even funny.

  20. T-Time

    what is wrong this women?

  21. Bubby

    Does anyone even watch their shows anymore,I watch chopped or house hunters, just sayin

  22. One day her child will see her mother wearing this slut costume while pregnant…does this woman have any respect for herself?

  23. Jenn

    Since this heifer has decided to subject the unsuspecting populace(my eyes!) to the sight of her giant ugly, reamed out ass. I hope she never loses the baby weight, and gets huge freakin stretch marks.

  24. poor poor Courtney Love

    I’m just grateful that she knocked Paris Hilton out of the ‘spotlight’. How sad is that?

    • Governer Herpes

      Honestly, I’d rather have Paris back. At least I found her mildly attractive.

      …Don’t judge me, I like parrots.

  25. Nibbles

    “Hey Kool-Aid!”

  26. Morgan

    I bet she goes home and whips him with that rose.

  27. dirtdog


  28. anonymous

    I bet it sounds like ripping velcro when she has to separate those panties from that ass.

  29. Those aren’t panties. Her ass is eating her leggings.

  30. I’ve died and gone to hell.

  31. Aggie

    Wow, nothing tops off a lunar landscape quite like a roll of back fat.

  32. see n' say

    the cow says:


  33. dboffer

    When did Kim get a prosthetic foot?

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