1. ni·en·te
    adverb & adjective
    1. (especially as a direction) with a soft sound or tone gradually fading to nothing.

    Kind of like her career.

  2. So apparently Carmen Sandiego was in a surgeon’s office this whole time.

  3. Marge Simpson called. She wants her hat back.

  4. Didn’t realize Jack Nicholson was returning the play the Joker again.

  5. When a shirt is right, it’s right.

  6. emma watson's Vagina

    from Charmed to undead Cora.amazing how her characters reflect her career status.

  7. meeps!

    “Wait’ll they get a load of me.”

  8. 2 photos of Mike Myers today?

  9. Stupid hat. Still would.

  10. I first saw the face of Michael Jackson.
    I blinked, and then it looked like Roseanne.
    I blinked again, and then it was Lindsay Lohan.

  11. she done fucked her face up

  12. “I have given a name to my pain, and it is Batman.”

  13. Yes, I’m turning into Lohan. And I hear voices.

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