1. hempvixen

    She really does look like she smells terrible, dunno why

  2. She looks delicious

  3. Cock Dr

    I wonder how much an event has to shell out to book her appearance. 20K?

  4. Jade

    I knew it.. she’s a 60 yr old woman who’s undergone extensive plastic surgery. But they missed her neck.

  5. Yes. All day, every day.

  6. Marketing Mike

    When someone has plastic surgery the toughest things
    to hide are (1) the aging skin on the back of your hands
    and (2) the loose skin around your neck. Ask around…

  7. It’s a drain pipe for the pearl necklace.

  8. dis how find a use for tutu other than ballet

  9. Skank

    18 Sheets to the wind.

  10. Nothing more sexy than neck tendons stretching .

  11. her head looks like a parachute for her body

  12. Lord, people. It’s not excess skin, it’s the muscle in her neck because of how she is tilting her chin up while turning her head.

  13. Marketing Mike

    I used to work with a Realtor who was in her 50s.
    She had a body ANY 25 year old would die for
    and she was drop dead beautiful.. She was also
    married to the best Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles.
    The ONLY give away was the top of her hands,
    looked like shit, and her neck. Don’t get me
    wrong I’d have done her in 2 seconds, just like
    every guy in that building, but it was creepy.

  14. Dis how chicken… uh, got deir panties in a bunch?

  15. dis how chicken… sleepy…

  16. Ken

    “Oh, spring is in the air. This is the time of year in Poland when the snow would melt, and all our dead relatives would float back to us. ”
    -Sophie Kaczynski

  17. That’s a great dress, if you’re 16

  18. kaschuh

    dis how cabbage smell

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