1. Looks like his brain finally abandoned ship.

  2. He just check-mated Pharrell

  3. Spleen

    I didn’t know hobo hats were cool now.

  4. WE ARE YOU. If you are really wealthy and aloof.

  5. Am I the only one freaked out that his kneecaps have learned how to communicate?

  6. Jam

    So he beat up Pharrell and stole his hat, which was irreparably damaged in the scuffle?

  7. “Perhaps if I wear a huge torn hat it will distract people from my huge torn career.”

  8. fred

    Somewhere Pharrell is laughing his ass off because he bet Jay Z $50,000 that he could wear the dumbest hat that Jay Z could think of and start a trend because celebrities can’t think for themselves.

  9. Someone shouted “I KNOW YOU’RE THERE!” and suddenly a tiny Tim Burton crawled out of Mr. Deep’s head in an Alien kind of way.

  10. Senor Trout

    ‘Me sucky-sucky. Me love you too much.’

    ‘Sorry baby, but gap in teeth too small.’

  11. Sean Hayes behind him is all ‘NOOO!! JOHNNY I STILL LOVE YOU!’

  12. donkeylicks

    It’s bad enough to see all of those Coachella sellouts but what is he thinking!?! He’s thinking Arby’s

  13. Probably $5,000 for a shabby town hat, what a fucking asshole. He is going to be doing Pirates of the Caribbean movies for the next 20 years cause those are the only movies he makes that anyone will go see.

  14. “Johnny! I’ve made a time machine! We can go back and stop you from making movies after 2003!”

  15. I really hope I’m not filming a movie right now. Where am I? What is this smelly thing on my head?

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