1. Shame he didn’t get his arms ripped off.

  2. Coco grabbed another blade of dried grass, glancing over at the human beating his chest and howling. Sighing, she thought, “Another ignorant specist. I thought they said I was the more unevolved creature.” Resigned, she went back to attempting to solve the Jacobian conjecture she had written in the dirt, while Kellan Lutz doubled over in laughter at his own witty impression.

  3. “That thing had sex with Miley Cyrus? Better stay away…”

  4. Why is Kellan Lutz teasing Khloe Kardashian?

  5. Ronaldo

    some have not evolve past primates.

  6. Ah, the old alpha male/D-list celebrity juxtaposition.
    A classic.

  7. Schadenfreude

    Monkey-see, monkey not impressed.

  8. Qmak

    One displays a limited range of skills and emotions, typical of a primate. The other is a gorilla.

  9. Seconds later, the gorilla threw a handful of shit in his face.

  10. Marketing Mike

    I’m guessing there is some sort of divider or wall between them.
    That little fucker could take him apart in about 30 seconds.

  11. Kellan: Ha ha. I am aping an ape!.

    Ape: Hah, I am out-acting your acting even right now!

  12. [Translation]
    Mom! i’m home for the weekend! Can we go to Applebees?

  13. Lutz, you can pound on your chest all day long and that gorilla still won’t let you fuck it!

  14. Bob

    Man, he is just begging to be the next Internet meme. I can picture him on old movie posters already.

  15. moediggity

    “Hey guys it’s a gorilla…hold on a minuet.” “DoooOoooooouuuuchhee” (Said like Gorilla banging its chest)

  16. journalschism

    Is this the part when the gorilla tosses him into the trees and takes his beef jerky?

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