1. A little better looking from the front

  2. Ronaldo

    Short shorts? or they just seem that way?

  3. Meshugga Tits

    “…and your little dog too!”

  4. It’s like someone tried to anthropomorphise a bowling pin.

  5. George P. Burdell

    Ha! Ha! I am still famous and a heterosexual.

  6. George P. Burdell

    Geppetto was granted his wish and Pinocchio became a real boy.

  7. Why is Jonah Hill dressed as a woma….?

    Sorry, Lena, we didn’t realise you were auditioning for Extra.

  8. Her legs look like a giant’s fingers. Like she’s some sort of giant finger puppet.

  9. Who can turn the world off with her smile?

  10. Balls Mcgee

    she is always going to an ugly sweater party

  11. fred

    Bless her heart. I wish that I could be that happy when I see a craft table full of donuts.

  12. So wait, they censor out nipples but not this? I thought censorship was in the name of human decency?

  13. She just smelled the food court…its a dangerous time to be there.

  14. C J

    looks like someone I know, Mandy Rickard

  15. “Does anybody else here want to tell me how disgusted they are with my pasty misshapen fat ass?… I will leave here right now and come back in a thong if you don’t shut up!”

  16. Maria

    Ah the noble Manatee, what a majestic creature.

  17. j

    …speaking of loud grunting noises…

  18. “You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?”

  19. tom

    Enough of this :(

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