1. I’ve seen enough set photos of Jen to know she wont be swallowing a hot dog in a black bra and pantie in this flick.

  2. Bruce looks like he is giving up.

  3. George P. Burdell

    Fripples off. Frumpy clothes. Minimal make-up. Looks like she is going for an Oscar.

  4. memyselfandi

    starting to think there wont be much cake in this movie

  5. Brrraaaaaaaap

    Is the real title “Who Farted?” because she’s making that face in every picture from filming.

  6. Cake. It does a nipple good.

  7. Oh shit! She’s trying to become “artistic”, but it will come across as autistic.

  8. damn, I still want to bang her . . .

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