1. screw Michael Jordan, this guy can palm a kid

  2. This one’s a little small. Throw it back.

  3. I’m less concerned with His Holiness’ here than I am with the guy with the bowling-ball grip on his daughter.

  4. Cock Dr

    It’s a girl….do not want.

  5. Nice – but do you have any dressed in blue?

  6. That’s a little young for the shocker.

  7. Psst, call me in five years.

  8. Four in the pink, one in the stink.

  9. Bob

    This is what happens to Iggy Azalea when she goes crowd surfing as well.

  10. Her cranium is going to have a hand impression for the rest of her life.

  11. ophelia15

    “Meah… It doesn’t feel that bad touching a little girl after all”

  12. Vlad

    And Lo, Pope Francis did palm the child by the head, driving into the paint as he workethed his way through the stifling defense, to the hoop. With a mighty thrust, he did dunketh the child, scoring the winning point, with no more time to spare, thus winning the NBA Championship for the Vatican. And the crowd, they did rejoice as the heavens parted and the Lord spake, saying, “it is good.”


  13. “Little one…remember, as you go through this life, you will always find safety in the Catholic church because our priests only molest little boys.

  14. “You dribble and yet, you are no basketball…”

  15. “Goodness…your head is as soft as your mommy’s ass.”

  16. illbill

    And if I wiggle my finger like so, I can move the mouth up and down.

  17. In a language only Popes and kids understand: “I’ll eat your head, you little fucker.”

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