1. looks like an ugly chick standing next to a picture of gwyneth paltrow

  2. Spleen

    Promoting goop seems about right for her.

  3. I thought we were trying to improve our trade relations with China.

  4. China already has it’s own GOOP. It’s half the price and contains dangerous amounts of lead.

  5. “ah, escoo me pale rady, when do we meet rady from big picture?”

  6. Minky Wail

    Holy crap, Photo Boy! Wait, my bad, I thought you wrote “promoting GOOK.”

  7. “So you complain about being ‘Made in China,’ but then you import this, which is ‘Made In America.’ Uhh??”

    -All of China

  8. Did Terry Richardson make that ad?

  9. I can only assume that after being told she’s no longer the most beautiful woman in the world, Gwyneth said something shockingly racist.

  10. “Hey everybody, come in and see my new wallpaper.”

  11. I wear women's shoes

    I guess I am mistaken about what exactly Goop is. I thought it was just her lifestyle website and newsletter about overly priced, free trade, organically sourced $900 t-shirts. Is there something more to it that requires actual promotion?

  12. Still confused on why she’s considered so beautiful. Sometimes she can look pretty but most times she looks like a drowned rat.

  13. {in a thought bubble above her head} I know. I can just stare at that all day. Yeah, I kinda do.

  14. journalschism

    Doesn’t China have enough GOOP in the air?

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