1. These “Golden Gods” must be made in Buddha’s image.

  2. The ’90′s called. They want their assholes back.

  3. “I thought you were dead?”
    “So did I”

  4. Ronaldo

    One hides his baldness with a bandanna and hat, the other one with a wig.

  5. Meshugga Tits

    The Doublechin Twins.

  6. Wait.

    So is Nicolas Cage the Axl Rose of acting or is Axl Rose the Nicolas Cage of rock?

  7. “As last year’s winner, I’m very proud to have the opportunity to present the ‘Hair Club for Men Customer of the Year Award’ to my friend, Nicolas Cage.”

  8. Face/Off 2: Faces of Death.

  9. Qmak

    “You’re in the carbohydrates baby….you’re gonna die!!!!”

  10. George P. Burdell

    If Betty White were available they could remake the Golden Girls.

  11. They are propping each other up.

    Is Axl wearing a hearing aid?

  12. What was the award category? Bat-shit Crazy Lifetime Achievement?

  13. Marketing Mike

    Too much Hometown buffet.

  14. Motorboat Captain

    “Golden Gods? Fuck! I could have sworn my agent said Golden Corral!”
    “Yours too?”

  15. Wait?!? No one told me they were remaking ‘Perfect Strangers.’

  16. rican

    Bums and Corpses.

  17. Vlad

    Didn’t you use to be thin?

    Didn’t you use to have hair?

  18. “You know, those beads aren’t suppose to go around your neck.”
    “It’s okay…I’m an asshole.”

  19. Johnny Barbells

    in 1987: “welcome to the jungle” and “paradise city” were at the top of the charts… “moonstruck” and “raising arizona” were ruling the box office… in 2014: nicolas cage and axl rose are making loud grunting noises as they get up from their barcaloungers.

  20. tlmck

    Good to see Roseanne and Tom back together.

  21. “So I tried a toupee identical to yours and it was a fucking riot!”

  22. Andie

    This photo makes me feel sad.

  23. Yeah, first there was Fat Elvis, then Fat Axl and now Fat Cage…bwahahahahahaha!!!

  24. Good to see axl keeping the spirit of Martha Rae alive………….by wearing her fucking dentures.

  25. “Remember when we were young and angry?”
    “and we didn’t know what we were so angry about?”
    “This. We were preemptively angry about this.”

  26. Mitch

    Two people nobody’s seen in years, Axl and Elvis…

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