1. He’s aging pretty well…NOT!


  3. Hands up if you legit thought this was the Lena Dunham pic.

  4. John McCain still looks like shit

  5. Slowly, but surely on his way to truly become Fat Bastard.

  6. John

    starting to look like Shrek

  7. The only thing more depressing than seeing sad, middle-aged Mike Myers is realizing you’re ALSO no longer a cocky young 20-something with your whole life ahead of you.

  8. Jade

    God damn I really want him to do another Austin Powers movie… his tubby bald head would be so cute!

  9. “Do I make you horny baby? Yeah!”

    *empties an entire can of pepper spray in his face*

  10. I heard rumors about a live action Shrek movie… Well, not rumors anymore.

  11. I remember my peers imitating him in Wayne’s World.

    A couple years down the road, again with Austin Powers.

    Now an adult? Nary an Mike Myers inspired quote.

    If that isn’t a microcosm of growing up, I know not what one is.

  12. Not only does this guy look like a total asshole, he actually IS a total asshole. I can’t believe he is actually able to make a living.

  13. Who saw The Love Guru? I’ve caught parts of it on TV and wow. Just wow. Shockingly terrible. Completely, horridly, bad, racist, and awful. He can never redeem himself. Never.

    • Flatliner

      And that’s not all. From what I heard about the filming of that movie he was a complete dick to everyone, including a bunch of actual hockey players that made cameos for some hockey scenes.

  14. stevebrt

    So I married a pastry chef

  15. What the fuck have I become? Wait, what was I saying?

  16. alexxx3488

    Has someone told him that Shrek 7 isn’t a live action movie?

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