1. showin’ some tread

  2. creemygoodness

    Looks like someone’s having a delayed reaction to the cheap latex used in Dave Navarro’s Boot Cut Condoms™

  3. Ronaldo

    Yep….starting to show her age. Thats ok. Its life. I hope she does not start with the plastic surgery on the face.

  4. Remember folks, Dennis Rodman jizzed all over those.

    • Marketing Mike

      Rodman was 3 sets ago. This new tread has less than
      two years of wear, with a full road hazard warranty.

  5. George P. Burdell

    It looks like she is preparing to star in the Elvira biopic.

  6. Oh no. This may be the photo that crosses the line.

  7. She still looks better than a lot of women half her age. I definitely would. I always will.

  8. I never saw any appeal with this plastic chick.

  9. Well that’s a funny skin colour.

  10. Johnny Barbells

    …she has’nt hit the wall yet, but, she’s right at that moment in the story where she looks up from fumbling through her purse to find her lipstick and sees the wall fast approaching dead ahead, so she slams on the brakes in a vain attempt to avoid hitting it, and everything goes into super-slow motion toward the inevitable…

  11. tlmck

    Remember kids, plastics harden with age.

  12. Ny lips and ny tits won’t move. At all.

  13. SER

    Stop her before she and Dave Navarro steal Christmas!

  14. dennis

    Age finally caught up to the mileage on this one.

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