1. um… what if that fuckin dog decided to take off..??

  2. I feel bad for him… It MUST be difficult to clean up after a dog that takes shits that are 1/3 your body weight…

  3. Guess that’s the long and the short of it.

  4. SuperT

    How convenient. If he walks too far and gets tired, the dog carries him home.

  5. Ed

    I’m sorry, you made a mistake. Don’t you mean….

    Dog walking his Peter Dinklage in New York City. (April 20, 2011)

  6. So is this a seeing eye dog to look OVER things?

  7. Deacon Jones

    I thought Hank died years ago….

  8. fatguyinalittleshirt

    he’s still an angry little elf.

  9. tonybert

    Your title is wrong, I think you mean: Peter Dinklage’s dog is walking his master.

  10. Either that dude is a midget, or that dog is the size of a pony!

    what? He IS a midget? ok then…uh…nice hair douche! hah! nailed it.

  11. Bucky Barnes

    “I am Dog-tor Evil and this is Mini-Me!”

  12. desabrey

    “Fuck your Honda Civic, I’va horse outside.”

  13. Calves are so last year.

  14. cc

    Well, that’s one thing they have in common, they can both lick their own balls.

  15. kimmykimkim

    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Little nuggets. Awwww!

  16. baron of all media

    I’m going to pretend he didn’t pick out an outfit to match a dog twice his size.

  17. The Critical Crassness

    Peter Dinklage is seen here being walked by his master, Phideaux.

  18. I imagine it’s not a pretty sight when the dog humps Peter’s leg…

    “My eye!”

  19. Double D

    Brown eyes staring into the brown eye.

  20. Did you hear the one about the gay midget?

    He came out of the cupboard.

  21. Brooke

    If this dude bought a chihuahua everything would balance out. I’d think it was just some dude with a collie.

  22. Why is he dressed like half of a homeless man?

  23. JoJojojo

    Peter is kicking ass in Game of Thrones!

  24. jezziebelle

    I swear to God, I first read Peter Dicklarge walking his dog.

  25. friendlyfires

    Good Lord, both of them look ashamed to be in public – I thought they were in love?

  26. wrynoceros

    Prepping to play Sir Didymus in the remake of Labyrinth…

  27. Mark R

    please nobody recognize me
    please nobody recognize me
    please nobody re- oop. Peter, stop. I have to poop.

  28. Ismoss

    Would he do lose his saddle?

  29. Don’t dis, guys, this dude is great.
    Also, he’s gonna pull a Mononoke on that dog and chase your ass down.

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