1. Deacon Jones

    “Hey, I’m here to audition for the Mexican maid going through chemo part? Stage 3c? Great, thanks.”

  2. Yo Silvio…you get the money from those fanucks over in Joisey? Get in here and have some of my mommas gabbaganouche.

    that’s what every episode of Sopranos sounded like to me.

  3. cc

    Has he played Sun City yet?

  4. “Hey! Cheese fuck… bring me some food!”

  5. The Critical Crassness


  6. He produces the Cocktail Slippers so I’m not going to make fun of him, this time.

  7. friendlyfires

    I really love Li’l Steven, but for crissakes, quit dressin’ his head like a cancer patient, already!

  8. Button up your shirt, George Lopez, nobody wants to see that shit.

  9. UnholyKrep

    Vin Diesel, before going to makeup. Not pretty.

  10. Damn Bret Michaels really changed since he’s been hanging around the Cyrus clan

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