1. Ladies… can you tell I’ve been wearing a hat?

  2. His name is Isaiah Mustafa? At least we know he’s going to smell nice during his randomly selected additional screening at the airport.

  3. He must not have heard them whispering “but I swear he sounded white on the phone” as he left.

  4. look at your man, now look at me. I’m in a ravine running from a herd of buffalo. Now look away, now look at me. My brother is king and my son is plagued with self doubt and guilt leading to an identity crisis…

    Old spice.

  5. cc

    Looking at these pictures makes me think the ladies might just be a liiittle disappointed some day soon.

  6. The Critical Crassness

    In order to make Isaiah’s head look bigger, doctors at the Mayo Clinic attached Will Smith’s hair line to the top of his head. Note the scar line in the image.

  7. Except for his name, I think this guy is the least threatening black man in America after Bill Cosby.

  8. Double D

    When your name is an anagram for “A Mafia Shiatsu” you are kinda badass.

  9. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Many black men have great sense of style.

  10. We could light the dark hemispheres with his teeth.

  11. I think and I think and I think and there’s just nothing mean I can say about this guy.

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