1. Ho.Lee.Shit

    I’m saving my vag flash for the royal wedding.

  2. You’d think that someone who spends most of her time shoving her god awful boobjob in every camera lens she can find would be a little less modest.

  3. MeganMay

    Be thankful she’s covering it up; it’s probably as cavernous as her cleavage.

  4. cc

    Oh, she’s so coy, not letting anyone see the happyface tattoo she just got.

  5. baron of all media

    Come to Butthead….

  6. Rough--guess who else is unzipped

    She saving it for bikini shots you heathens…

  7. Neen


  8. The Critical Crassness

    Audrina, having just realized that she couldn’t compete with Britney, Lindsay, Paris, et al. in the “Cooze Shot Sweepstakes”, chastely withdrew her entry.

  9. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    this chick needs to just, like, get naked again, like she did when she was 18. kardashian still does it and look at where she is now!

  10. It’s easier to explain wonk boobs than the wonkgina lurking under the skirt.

  11. And I do mean, lurking.

  12. DonDopey

    “Don’t pull a Britney. Don’t pull a Britney. Don’t pull a Britney…”

  13. Does anybody in Hollyweird even OWN a coffe boiler anymore?

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