1. id do mary-kate. ashley’s got a huge hard-on

  2. Coyote

    They may dress weird but I would do a minogue a twa anyday, and I would like it.

  3. Which one isn’t a junkie? That’s the one I want.

  4. Which is which? do we care yet?

  5. Colin

    AAAHH! Two Gweneth Paltrows! Run for your lives before they feed you fishsticks and say words like décolletage at you!

  6. Kill it! Burn it with fire!!

  7. baron of all media

    while the dish ran away with the poon….

  8. The Critical Crassness

    Did the Olsen Twins forget that they were playing dress-up with their Mommy’s dresses again?

  9. tito

    it’s like they never stopped playing dress-up.

  10. Seeing these two makes me wonder what their cute, talented sister is doing these days.

  11. Double D

    When they were both 17, adding up to a forbidden 34-year-old, that was hot. But right now, they add up to Helen Mirrem – WAYYYY past prime.

  12. Shawn

    Mary Kate: Do you want to go to the film festival?
    Ashley: You got it, dude.

  13. justuhbill

    Do you remember the creepy countdown to when they were going to turn 18? It turns out that was just their expiration date.

  14. I guess they’ve cleaned up since Heath Ledger did all their drugs.

  15. moneyhoney

    To me they still look like they are overdressed toddlers that sneaked some of their mother’s (unfortunate) clothing out of her closet and still haven’t learned how to brush their hair.

  16. Qua?

    See also: Ohreally Bird; The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence.

  17. MisterSuccint

    Oh yeah? Well if I have to wear grandma’s funeral frock then you have to dress like a half-plucked orange chicken. Why do we make these stupid bets?

  18. Ismoss

    Well we know who lost the coin toss on who wears what.

  19. One-facial expression ponies.

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