1. Are we sure these guys aren’t gay?

  2. Matty

    I smell another Dumb and Dumber remake.

  3. Jenny with a Y

    “Do you think they got pictures of us touching winkies?”

  4. sloppy, gay and stupid is no way to go through life son.

    paraphrased from Animal House.

  5. Colin

    They’re probably getting ready for their dates. Judging by the unforgivable eyebrows, Joe is going out with Adam Lambert, and judging by Nick’s mole face, he might be hooking up with Jordan Bratman.

  6. s'up bitches

    Somebody needs to pull Joe aside and tell him that straight guys don’t shop that much.

  7. baron of all media

    You guys shut up. Scissoring is a great quad workout.

  8. Jess

    What?! It’s not like we were in there naked!

  9. cc

    Hmmm, what are you going to buy in a store that has one picture frame?

  10. ri

    I can’t tell what looks more gay Adam Lambert or these guys?

  11. The Critical Crassness

    They were warned against eating the Blowfish…..It is obvious that they didn’t listen, either that or they just “ate” the blow!

  12. Joe’s designer jeans are a tribute to people who actually work.

  13. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    The Winklevoss twins, but with MUCH LESS TESTOSTERONE

  14. I clicked on this thumbnail thinking they looked like chicks. Jesus.

  15. ME

    Tonight on Celebrity Geographic:

    An in depth look at the fascinating Jonas creature. The Jonas is a slim, highly feminine city species, that even at a stage of “manhood” appears infant like and female. They are known for their thick raven hair, dark vacant eyes, stunned expressions, and latent homosexuality. The Jonasi mating call is a high pitched squawking shriek that can often be heard in unison for hours at a time. The call is intended for other males, but has a strangely arousing affect on prepubescent females with low IQ’s. Due to it’s high frequency the sound can be defending and even deadly to most straight adults, it has also been known to cause violent rage in some cases.

    Here we see two Jonasi in their natural mating position, the older behind the younger.

  16. GayTard.
    In that order.

  17. heater

    Dude, I TOLD you I couldn’t keep you propped against the wall like that! Look, I pulled a muscle! Jerk.

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