1. bi chick

    Skinny blonde with hair extensions and a lip job….WTF else is new? Dime a dozen

  2. Snoopy

    Why would they bother photographing her from the front?

  3. If Sophie Turner is the finished product of scientists trying to build an Australian Barbie, this must be one it’s failed prototypes.

  4. So, the Cleo Bachelor Of The Year for 2011 is…a woman? Or does this Sopie dude just look really good in a dress?

  5. This is what Jessica Simpson sees when she says “mirror mirror on the wall…”

    • You drive a hard bargain.

      This is what also what Jessica Simpson’s fiancĂ©e’s mind sees when he closes his eyes while banging her.

  6. baron of all media

    rapunzel! rapunzel! let down yo— oh-oh-ooohhhh… wanna run it back? in the morning? go away? ok. you mean now? crap.

  7. taz

    sucker fish!!!! Only missing the hook.

  8. The Critical Crassness

    That black dress makes her lips look bigger than her tits. Oh, wait a minute, her lips ARE bigger than her tits!

  9. I can’t decide what’s scarier… her lips or her hands.

  10. Is that a vagina under her armpit?

  11. justuhbill

    Is “Sopie Turner” a French term for “Jessica Simpson: The Before Picture?”

  12. Why would she be trying to look like a skinny Jessica Simpson?

  13. In ten years she’ll be known as “Blonde Droopy”

  14. uncle_phil

    she looks like the love child of rachel hunter and howard the duck.

  15. Are her lips pressed against some glass window I can’t see?

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