1. dude, if you weren’t so high maybe you’d notice what you’re putting your lips up to?

  2. Yeah, I’m thrilled for you and your huge glass penis there, Snoopy.

  3. phineas q. butterfat

    Oh my god, Snoop smoked himself small.

  4. Cock Dr

    Jeezus tap dancing christ.

  5. Not pictured: Miley Cyrus.

  6. Sue

    Two in the stink

  7. Jenny with a Y

    Snoop smokes weed? I had no idea.

  8. So to celebrate Hitler’s birthday, Snoop got out his personalized glass butt plug? That is straight up wrong dude…for shizzle.

  9. mangezmangez

    Boobs? Snoop’s true object of desire is the classic penis pipe.

  10. Turns out that Snoop and Peter Dinklage are the same size.

  11. Deacon Jones

    Isn’t he on probation unil he dies as it is?

  12. zomgbie

    moms and dads this is the guy that coaches your kids at little league football.

  13. HortonHearsABoob

    C’mon, man… was soccer! Snoop was Coach of the Year, dammit!

  14. baron of all media

    aaaaalley oop! you’re gay! swish! two points!!! nice toss, Snoop! now pass that fallous ovah heah, ya dig? puff puff give!!! you homo.

  15. tkb

    Is that his dildo?! Damn!

  16. DeucePickle

    From the makers of the “Schlong Bong”

  17. kimmykimkim

    I wanna hit that! Actually, no, I want to own that.

  18. The Critical Crassness

    Snoop Dog shows off his one of a kind, crack pipe dildo, a gift from Charlie Sheen!

  19. tito

    snoop dong.

  20. gaudi

    I guess he is smoking again…

    • ChonchArcola

      what do you mean by “again”?
      he’s been constantly high since the 3rd grade….i should know..i bought weed from him.(me and cameron diaz)

  21. Ksurfiws

    I don’t know, Snoop. that’s a pretty big dildo.

  22. Double D

    He looks like a black Pippi Longstocking on a prom night she’s going to regret the next day.

  23. Shawn

    Hey, Flava Flav stole Snoop Dogg’s giant penis pipe! And is that a candy bracelet?

  24. Jovy

    Taking one true hit of that beast would incinerate your lungs. But since Snoop is already dead I guess he’ll be alright. Zombie lungs.

  25. JoJojojo

    Ah yes, 4/20. Don’t worry, all you potheads can be losers every other day too.

  26. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Snoop man, you doing ok? Is something wrong? I’ll do everything I can to help out bro, you know I’ll be there for you to help you get your game back… now look, I know you like weed, and everyone knows you get the best kush around, but you need to lay off it man, because what I have to tell you may sting a little, but dude, that pipe you’re holding and the way you’re holding it makes it look like a DICK

  27. friendlyfires

    “Ah smoke from a bong shaped like massive penis -
    Shizzle mah fizzle, Ahm uh markezzing genius!”

  28. moneyhoney

    So the Girls Gone Wild thing was all just an act then…

  29. c-h

    nom nom nom

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