1. no fuckin way she makes it back uphill!

  2. The Angels really haven’t been the same since they patched her in.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Is it me, or is that scooter crying out for help?

  4. Hmmmm?…

    Poncherrello riding a bicycle last week (looking like CHiPs – the gay edition) and fat ass Queen Latifa riding a scooter looking like she is CHiPs.

    There has to be a connection.


  6. Snoopy

    Kenan Thompson filming a digital short for Saturday Night Live. It probably won’t be funny.

  7. Nobody looks cool on a Vespa. You can only look gay, or fat. Case in point…

  8. Meanie

    Not black enough…

  9. Bucky Barnes

    She is in danger of losing her lesbian accreditation because scooters are for pussies… No, wait…

  10. desabrey

    Damn! Urkel put on some weight!

  11. mangezmangez

    dike on bike

  12. You know the saying about riding a moped being like riding a fat chick? What’s the saying for a fat chick riding a moped?

  13. What? No 24″ rims?

  14. kimmykimkim

    I was going to say, “Will this woman ever come out of the closet?” But now, I see that she just did.

  15. cc

    Clearly, a Vespa assembled from scarce, ultrastrong materials recovered from an alien crash site.

  16. Damn this recession got EVERYONE!

  17. The Critical Crassness

    How did Queen Latifeh get hold of Andre the Giant’s custom built Vespa and why does it look so small with her riding it?

  18. tito

    “Driving Miss Daisy II: Ridin’ Bitch”

  19. sexyman48

    I was considering buying one of those but now I see that would be silly, apparently slavery ended a long time ago.

  20. I’ve always wondered… what the hell is that stupid little windshield on a Vespa actually good for? Oh, wait… Peter Dinklage was in the last picture. I get it now.

  21. Whoomp there it is

    Fat Albert’s ridin’ dirty.

  22. Shawn

    Damn, Little Mac’s trainer is getting lazy.

  23. justuhbill

    Queen Latifah and a Vespa – two things I’d never be caught dead riding…

  24. I didn’t know Freightliner made scooters.

  25. Ismoss

    Oh that poor scooter.

  26. Props to her.

    That is all.

  27. Ooooooh I totally want that ride!

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