1. yep even scarlett’s back down to a size 6

  2. Clothes are weird when you don’t wear spanx under them.

  3. Ho.Lee.Shit

    Men clearly don’t understand the physics of Spanx.

  4. Aha, so the problem last week was actually a lack of weird angles and a funny shirt.

  5. dramkit

    Sweet zombie jesus! How is that even physically possible?

    I can see her still roundish arms, the chunky thigs, the hams hidden under that dress and the images of her jelly-jogging just a week ago, and yet here she is, looking all smokin’.

    How the fuck does she do that? And does it even matter?

  6. eatme

    def. on my “please go away” list

  7. direchef

    Judging from last weeks pictures she must have run 2000 miles nonstop to lose that hotdog belt she was wearing.

  8. 15piecesofflare

    She’s going to need more than an industrial strength girdle to pull this shit off past the age of 30. Just sayin’

  9. Bringbackbabalu

    Who really cares, she would look fine if she gained like 30 pounds. She would be Christina Hendriks…ok, thats an insult to my sweet Scarjo but blah people on here insulting how ugly and fat everyone look is so pathetic. It would be funny if it had a pic of the poster after all your comments. Can almost guarantee that we would see a trend…

  10. tkb

    This is why women love Spanx

  11. baron of all media

    i’d still spanx her with my wiggle wagon

  12. Arzach

    - Click!
    Photographer : “You can breathe now dear”

  13. The Critical Crassness

    It was reported that Sean Penn had been encouraging ScarJo to eat healthier. Given the recent “jogging” images, Sean’s idea of healthier must be the “Beer,Brats and Cheese”Diet plan.

  14. Thanks to those jogging pictures, I don’t think she’s hot anymore. Likewise, Christina Hendricks is dead to me. The Superficial is a plot by the Christian right to stop men from masturbating.

  15. It’s already failed for me today. Several times. Everyone has to have a hobby…

  16. c-h

    in this picture she’s dreaming of wrinkly old man balls. nom nom nom.

  17. Dali

    ah, so many jealous size 8+ women hating on the lovely Scarlett, because they know damn well, when their boyfriends are not in the mood to shag their flabby bodies, they close their eyes and dream of women like Scarlett.

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