1. I’m going to make a wooden cut-out of this and put it in my garden.

  2. i knew a chick named coco once, she had a W tattooed on each cheek of her ass. when she bent over.. WOW!

  3. Dookieshoo

    Excuse me…I’d like to ass you a few questions.

  4. it seems like those trousers are see through… just sayin

  5. The more clothes she wears, the less attractive I find this bitch.

  6. renzomatic

    Hi, I’ll be starring in the next installment of “ass masterpiece” theatre!

  7. Ed

    If she bends over any further, it will be like that scene in Alien, where the Alien pops out of that guys stomach.

    It would actually explain a lot about why her body is the way it is.

  8. Deacon Jones

    I’d partake in “dat ass”. I admit it.

  9. Cock Dr

    For a big woman she seems very limber. I’ll bet that husband stretches her every which way & then some.

  10. shandanger

    “There’s an entirely different universe beyond that black hole. A point where time and space as we know it no longer exists.”

  11. pdan

    My first guess was ‘charred elephant skull,’ but those are smaller.

  12. Meanie

    She’s like a modern-day Mother Teresa. Except less hot.

  13. Oh, excuse me. I need to tie the buckle on my platform sandals.

  14. Fletch

    Fish, I will find you and gouge my eyes out…I mean your eyes.


  15. Kelly

    She is asking way too much of the seam in her pants.

  16. Coco was nailing her interview at Walmart until things got lost in translation when her employer asked what position she would like to work in.

  17. Just how many of our boys in Iraq could the impregnable ass fabric of those pants save? Shame on you, Coco!

  18. cc

    I read once that somewhere there is a beaverdam that can be seen from space.

  19. The Critical Crassness

    The Perfect Ending! Coco’s giant ass in spanex pants threatening to swallow the world!

  20. Billy

    That’s no moon…

  21. ABMan

    “and then he said, ‘bend over and use your good eye’”

  22. What.

  23. gaudi

    Poor pants.

  24. I think something just winked at me.

  25. JoJojojo

    Seriously. We get it. You have a big ass.

  26. I like how the cameraman is staying just far enough outside the event horizon to avoid spaghettification. Smart man, that.

  27. Whatever

    ahhhh helllls nahhhhhhhhhhh!

  28. Whatever

    HaHa just realized it looks like it smiling at you! lol.

  29. chopped75

    …and Kim Kardashian ran in fear

  30. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    OK, four pictures was quite enough… five pictures is laying it on a little “thick”, don’t you agree?

  31. hard.lesson

    Kim and Coco, ass models of the world – unite!!

  32. Is that her head sticking out between her legs? It’s so tiny!

  33. dafs

    If you’re concerned about the size of your butt, fashion experts would say to be around something that might make your butt look small in comparison. In this case, The Statue of Liberty would probably do the trick.

  34. UnholyKrep

    Hey look- a home “solar eclipse” kit!

  35. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Free Willy!

  36. MisterSuccint

    Left lane EZPass only.
    Right lane Cash.

  37. Don’t stand too close to that thing….or you will get sucked into the BLACK HOLE

  38. Her farts caused Katrina

  39. Ismoss

    Call NASA! I got proof black holes do exist.

  40. Ismoss

    Sorry girlfriend, miss that

  41. Bouncy Castle, London

    Does that arse have it’s own zip code?

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