1. Frank Burns

    She’s really got that trendy “grandma alien lesbian” style nailed down.

  2. MisterSuccint

    Too soon for a “Lord of the Rings” remake?

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Someone was just at the Bea Arthur estate sale.

  4. freedom

    Edward Cullen, I’d like to introduce you to Bea Arthur.

  5. Chris

    Going for the BatBoy look.

  6. Stranz


  7. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    You can put a label on it like ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’, I prefer to think of them as goblins

  8. Rafto

    Ghoul of my dreams

  9. EricLr

    For just pennies a day, you can help little Leelee.

  10. catapostrophe

    Why can’t these young actresses leave well enough alone? I thought she looked fine with the ears God gave her.

  11. Johnny P!

    She’s like ‘the poor man’s Chloe Sevigny’, except that Chloe Sevigny IS the ‘poor man’s Chloe Sevigny’. So…. I can’t quite place her…

  12. Her stylist should be fired. Then drawn and quartered. Then the pieces burned and the ashes spread to the four winds.

  13. Crabby Old Guy

    I know I’ve seen that look before…I think it was on the old “The World at War” series when they found the survivors at Auschwitz.

  14. Deacon Jones

    I know that as we age our ears and noses continue to grow.

    But, is it possible, we have partially stumbled across the fountain of youth here? It appears all aging-related activity in Ms. Sobieski has occurred in her ears. What i, just what if, we could find the gene responsible for this mutation?

  15. Well, you know they always do say that if you’ve got gargantuan, unsightly ears the best thing you can do to conceal them is to slick your hair back as tightly as possible and wear granny earrings.

  16. DeucePickle

    She reminds me of some sort of outer space bartender.

  17. what the fuck, seriously, what the fuck.


  19. Had to be said

    She’s got gorgeous eyes!

  20. Crissy

    WTF, Lilly get it together!! First of all, hair down NOW!

    • Whatsthepoint

      I get it, she’s wanting us to only notice………..hmmmm………let me see………how blue her eyes are?

  21. She’s the Reese Witherspoon of ears.

  22. Elf Cancer is nothing to laugh about… It lasts an eternity.

  23. Pirate Hunter

    I can only assume those “earrings” are actually some sort of restraint or ballast meant to prevent flight…

  24. That’s where Tara Reid touched her.

  25. Archie Leach

    I hope that’s just a crappy photo cause she’s actually (was?) pretty hot.

  26. Ground control to Major Tom……

  27. El Jefe

    Holy fucking vampire. What happened to her, she used to be so hot?

  28. Spock

    I’m totally beating off to that.

  29. april

    someone thought that was a good plan?

  30. tlmck

    I must have missed the Star Trek episode where Spock transports forward in time and knocks up Helen Hunt.

  31. DoubleD's

    In the famous words of Jessica Simpsons dad, “Cover those suckers up!” He needs to give her one of Jessica’s Double D’s bra’s to cover those ears!!!

  32. She’s slowly turning back into a Ferengi.

  33. Bigalkie

    People of Earth. Drink your koolaid!

  34. GuyLeDouche

    The Vulcans sent a woman who doesn’t look a bit like Sarek…Roddenberry got it wrong.

  35. Blech

    … Yes, Fish is definitely trying to kill us.

  36. Contusion

    Live long and prosper, Leelee.

  37. Anyone else’s hair turning ginger after being locked in that gaze?

  38. Tricky Fish

    It’s like Sinead O’Connor mated with Spock.
    “Your difficult brown is illogical. But, why not?”

  39. brit

    All your base belong to us

  40. whawha

    Joan Rivers needs to see Helen Hunt’s plastic surgeon.

  41. Look at those F@#$% jeep fenders! Who’d this girl bang to get into hollywood, Vincent Price?!?

  42. bbiowa

    Legolas comes back from the Undying Lands for a movie premier. Because even immortals can’t get enough Jason Segel.

  43. She should never, EVER wear her hair back again.

  44. Anne Frank did it better.

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