1. Big. Guitar. Boner.

    • Peed In Your Drink

      Grasped by another man’s hand, no less. That’s okay, just don’t touch his antique cameras.

  2. Hate it when there are strings attached…

  3. He just might have one-upped Jimi Hendrix in the “Strat-as-a-phallus” sweepstakes.

  4. Cock Dr

    You can see why this caught Photo Boy’s attention.

  5. cc

    You know he’s hip…he’s got that wallet-on-a-chain going on.

  6. EricLr

    You would think he would know better by now than to use a black background.

  7. Ze German

    This has got be what dividing by zero to a Kardashain looks like.

  8. I saw where they can take a skull and add clay to it to flesh it out to see what the person looked like in real life. I wonder if they will do that to him soon.

  9. Where is he?

  10. Black man. White dong. Silver chain = Divorce

  11. bethy

    Heidi had a strict “No Stairway” rule in the bedroom.

  12. Nothing like strumming an F major 7th on Seals giutar shaped penis

  13. bbiowa

    Behind a sheet it would have been Prince at the Superbowl.

  14. squishy

    Let me guess he’s singing that Rose song AGAIN!

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