1. dontkillthemessenger

    I’ve never committed a crime in my life, but if I saw this kid on the street, I’d beat his ass… take his money and clothes… and make him walk home naked.

  2. amir

    He’s starting to look like John Mayer…

  3. Pull up those pants! *old man cough* Kids these days.

  4. Paddy McC

    The pop star quickly pulled his pants back up and ran out of the dealership, embarrassed and disappointed to find out “crotch rocket” is just a fast motorcycle.

  5. Bonky

    “Man, how the fuck do these rappers walk in this shit ? This is killing my balls !”

  6. Cock Dr

    Poor little gal has a case of crotch crickets.

  7. stacy

    That is one way to sell a rich kid a car. Give him a blow job in one of them.

    • DusktillDawn

      A Ducati is a MOTOR CYCLE! How do give a goddamn bj in one? Apart from that, his manager has just bought him a hybrid car. Well, maybe he got that bj after all…

  8. Johnny P!

    Not quite ready for the “Big Boy” pants.

  9. Hooray! They finally dropped.

  10. As much as I hate to admit it, I am pretty sure this kid is playing people like crazy and knows full well how crappy his music is and douchey he looks. He’s milking it for all he can.

  11. catapostrophe

    The Invisible Man lands a solid right hook.

  12. CK

    Not pictured: Usher in the back seat with a sleepy smile.

  13. EricLr

    He’s fighting off the ghost of Michael Jackson.

  14. rosa

    ”When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother what will I be, will I be pretty, will I be rich, here’s what she said to me: holly sh*t Justin, you can’t get any worse..”

  15. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    And it’s funny ‘cos his fans all wear braces

  16. The kid’s got style. I mean, he just got buggered in the back on an SUV and his shoes are still glowing white . . .

  17. Rod Johnson

    They say the only way to ride a Ducati is with no helmet and baby oil on your tires. That’s the one real men with big penises do it.

  18. Bahahahahahaha!!!

  19. When will we all stop being SO jealous of Justin Bieber for being a cunty-looking piece of shit whose fame has a much shorter shelf life than the poor little bastard wants to admit?

  20. Sheppy

    I do hope he’s in the process of performing a satisfying face-plant.

  21. And just like that, Ducati lost every ounce of cool they ever had.

  22. El Jefe

    The shoes were black before he got into the back of the SUV with Usher.

  23. Bigalkie

    This kid is a pompous little douche. The end is near when assholes like Justin Beiber and Rhianna are popular. Courtney Stodden for President with Sarah Palin as running mate!!!!

  24. Little Tongue

    Doesn’t this kid have enough money not to have to do it on the back seat of a car ?!?!?

  25. disillusionisreal

    Can’t afford a pair of pants that fit, but can afford a Ducati? Pull up your pants idiot, no one wants to see your pale ass…..

  26. Guest

    Is the Biebs getting out of a Pedo van while pulling his pants up?

  27. Here’s the Bieb doing his impersonation of John Wayne trying to find a place to piss.

  28. A kid who can’t even tie his freakin’ shoes has not earned the right to own a Ducati. Giacomo Agostini would be pissed.

  29. Add “He once rollerbladed without wearing rollerblades” to the list of his earthly miracles.

  30. I bet he won’t fall for the “get your hernia checked in the back of a car” ploy again

  31. Alex

    Good luck effectively operating a sport bike dressed like that. Actually, you know what, dress just like that and fuck a helmet.

  32. journalschism

    Wait, wait, this is the part where he jumps on the hovering skateboard…

  33. tromba

    Useless. Worthless. TALENTLESS.

  34. Who dresses this asshole? I want to kick him right in the cunt.

  35. J .

    Oh my god justin bieber is turning into…. scumbag steve?? I wouldn’t have guessed it but the evidence speaks for itself. I guess selena gomez isn’t really a devilish young innocent but a next-gen jersey shore whore. Now I’m a bit eager to see what this hollywood couple’s huge overblown ego has in store for us “little people.”

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