1. Sure she looks ok in the daylight but if you see that at 3:00 standing over your bed, you bet your ass you’re reaching for a gun…or a cupcake…

  2. stacy

    Oh,hi…Are you single?

  3. dooood

    i don’t give a fuck. i’d marry her.
    and i think marriage is 100% bullshit.

  4. Bonky

    I am not liking the new look at all. In the past week her makeup has looked awful at every appearance she has made. I ‘m guessing she has a new stylist or something.

  5. CK

    What dooood said.

  6. EricLr

    This picture was snapped exactly one second before the photographer realized just how much danger he was in.

  7. cc

    I heard her breasts are actual magic.

  8. quack

    This guy must be kissing her ass in hopes she will buy him some butt implants! Or at least hoping she will share some of her junk with him!

  9. quack

    Here, a pretty pink blouse in exchange for some butt implants?

  10. mbcl

    she hired him as a “hip hider”

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    When you know a chick is controlling and high maintenance, no matter how good she physically looks, she can never really look good again.

  12. The Most Interesting

    “Marriage proposal?! Down here!”

  13. brit

    Hey Paps…my breasts are over here. Hello?

  14. “1 guess where my other hand is”

  15. Psycobiff

    Hello there Mister Paparazzi, you wouldn’t happen to be straight, would you?

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