1. diego

    Batshit. Crazy.

  2. The Pope

    Still laughing at farts.

    Me too.

  3. Bonky

    She’s an obnoxious, disgusting frat boy in the body of a smoking hot babe.

  4. Cock Dr

    Dingbatus Americanus var. “Blonde”

  5. Jill

    Uh oh, looks like someone spotted a vaccination.

  6. Bill Loney

    Riiiiiiight. Her son has autism because of the vaccinations.

  7. cc

    Not too many woman have leveraged a Playboy shoot the way she has. Is that amazing or depressing?

  8. EricLr

    Wow, it’s just too bad she never had any kids with Jim Carrey. They would have come out of the womb *already* screaming crazy shit.

  9. Johnny P!

    “I lived with Jim Carrey for a few years! Yeahhhh… Jim Carrey. Did I mention I was married to Jim Carrey and lived with him for a few years? Yep! Jiiimmmm Carrey…”

  10. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    You know what makes a kid autistic? When every porno they see reminds them of their mother.

  11. Grand Poobah


  12. Sheppy

    I was in Pasadena yesterday. But then I’m in Pasadena most days, what with working there and all.

  13. Now that’s how you do a big chin and an underbite right, Resse Witherspoon.

  14. Colin

    I’m starting to think that she DID find the cause of autism. Heredity.

  15. Bigalkie

    Jenny called in sick. So they took a very average woman from the audience and painted a Jenny McCarthy mask on her. Then the producer said ” Look Crazy”.

  16. anonym

    whoa !!! what the fuck happened to her face ?!

    why do women feel pressured into getting cheek implants and fucking up their face like all the other women ………..

  17. spartacus

    I still love this mental patient of a woman.

  18. Rattlesonakes

    I love her. Crazy love is actually a really funny movie. Especially the scene with the maxi pads in the supermarket. Gold!

  19. skunk

    id fart on her

  20. Nothing like someone taking your picture when you’re finger popping your ghoul!

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