1. dontkillthemessenger

    In hindsight, Justin Bieber isn’t dressed that badly.

  2. Frank Burns

    “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay, I sleep all night and I work all day . . . “

  3. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Life’s a game and I just found an Easter egg

  4. stacy

    There is a man born to be on radio.

  5. Bonky

    Sears has announced it will no longer be carrying the “Cee Lo Ctyle” line of mens clothing. A spokesman for the company said “We just couldn’t figure out who the target demographic was and how to market this stuff. We thought the Kardashian Kollection turned out badly, but this new line is really killing us”.

  6. dooood


  7. Johnny P!

    Wow! So much brilliant, brilliant, incredible, history-making talent crammed into such a small package.
    How does God do it?!?

  8. tits mcgee

    Someone brought a bowling ball.

  9. cc

    That’s one fucked up looking lawn jockey.

  10. EricLr

    I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…

  11. catapostrophe

    “Bzzzzzz! Bzzzzzz!”

  12. Deacon Jones

    If I looked like that, I’d ask Johny Utah to ram my face into a running lawnmower.

  13. Balls

    This is why we need bullies.

  14. CK

    Even if the bottom half of that outfit COULD fly, there’s no way he’s going up a tree.

  15. I see this poorly-dressed goof being all rich and smug and I’m like “fuck you.”

  16. Courtdog

    Laundry day?

    • charly

      CLASSIC!! Your two words are the best so far. Funny how only a few will stop and get it or even know about what it means.

  17. Sadly, those shorts are actually boy’s size mediums…

  18. I’d make some “Floyd R. Turbo, American” reference here, but I swear that no one under 40 has a clue who that was.

    Oh, fuck it: “I think my mailman used to be an astronaut. I overheard him telling my wife that he couldn’t wait to get some more of that ‘moon Tang.’ “

  19. Elmer Fuck You

  20. Bigalkie

    Filed under WTF???????????????????

  21. Humphries

    Fuck You!

  22. lori

    Crappy music, horrible fashion taste, and a big, fat mess.

  23. dude

    john goodman.

  24. disillusionisreal

    Flannel, bball shorts, and sandals with socks….did he get dressed in the dark? Oh yeah, he’s wearing sun glasses…..another idiot….

  25. Anna

    I get the trying to be quirky thing he does but this shit is just laziness. On what planet would this be considered a good idea under any circumstance? FFS,

  26. sabine

    Oh ya, thats gonna make him look better *rolls eyes*

  27. Blech

    Why does Fish want to kill us?

  28. fiona

    i think one of those M&Ms costumes would fit like a glove AND be more flattering

  29. It’s the air to the Aunt Jemima syrup conglomerate: Cee Lo Jemima

  30. King Diamond

    Egg with legs

  31. DarkLordViperScorpion

    I got the red and black lumberjack with the muumuu to match

  32. mrsmass

    just when i thought this guy couldn’t get more annoying.

  33. Allison Wunderlan

    Ah, Cee Lo. Unfortunately, it’s now burned into my mind, but after seeing you in that outfit, I truly wish I could forget you.

  34. journalschism

    Alternate ‘Brawny Man’ concept for black neighborhoods.

  35. Psycobiff

    This proves he’s cool. Any other obese man dressed like that would be sweating his balls off.

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