1. Always nice to see an illiterate hayseed hawking the book he just “wrote.”

  2. How is it possible for a dude to look like a woman trying to dress up as a man? Seriously, he looks like every sit-com where the girl tries to sneak into the “All guys poker game” or whatever.

  3. PJ Bandit

    - Mr. Cyrus, your daughter is hanging out with a drug addicted whoremongering rapper. Your thoughts?
    - It’s all in my book. Did I tell you I have a new book? I have a new book.

  4. Isn’t Grecian Formula chock full of lead acetate? Suddenly the Cyrus family story makes perfect sense.

  5. joe

    So please buy my book, my shitty, shitty book.
    It’s in hillbilly, so you may not understand.
    And if you buy my book, my shitty, shitty book,
    My daughter just might drop her pants.

  6. DeucePickle

    There’s a George Michael joke in here somewhere

  7. Dammit, the height-enhancing surgery wasn’t worth it! Peter Dinklage was perfect just the way he was!

  8. The Pope

    Evidently he’s too cheap to have all his clothes embroidered with his initials like Van Damme, so he carries around that book with his name on it instead.

  9. Sweet Jesus, he can’t be for real.

  10. Congrats, dude. You’ve somehow make your 90′s mullet seem classy.

  11. I’m having a “My Two Dads” flashback

  12. “Billy Ray, congratulations on your book. I thumbed through it last night, and my only criticism is that it would have been more impressive if there were words on both of the pages.”

  13. donkeylicks

    How I feel when I grow a beard (inserts picture of King Leonidas), How I really look (scrolls up to picture of Billy).

  14. Jenn

    Poor old Billy Ray, lost his mullet and his mojo.

  15. journalschism

    That’s an ‘Undercover Boss’ if I ever saw one.

  16. Literally, this man has a billion dollar set of balls. Well, a half a billion dollars considering the mom’s half the equation. But she’s not achy breaky famous so that don’t count!

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