1. Weeblo

    Nasty ‘Nessa we know where that fingers been

  2. Right back at ya, girl.

  3. And out of nowhere, she becomes interesting!

  4. Jim

    nessa, hun, if you want to be relevant again.. just post the nudes *wink wink* .. just as DANE COOK said to you! GIRL YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!!

  5. ASIF


  6. JK

    Hey at least she can count to one, and probably got stuck on one too.

  7. “Hey Vanessa, when are your next nudes coming out?”

  8. She maintains her status as the only interesting former Disney princess. Keep the nudes coming Nessa. Use that finger too.

  9. tlmck

    She’s just indicating the size of her boyfriend’s equipment.

  10. Fuck you, well yes, absolutely.

  11. John Travolta

    She can stick that wherever she wants to….mmmmmm.

  12. “Fuck me?” I wish you would.

  13. anonymous

    This bitch can’t even flip the bird correctly. Why the hell is it cocked to the side?

  14. Man, they really do exercise all the muscle groups in pilates class don’t they!

  15. No, you’re number one!

  16. Someone must have asked her when is she coming out with a movie that doesn’t suck.

  17. Sterling

    If I was interrupted while i was buying a shovel i’d be just as upset

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