1. You know, not every photo needs to be posted to Twitter or Instagram. If you’ve got something particularly noteworthy to show me, like a genuine UFO or a spectacular pair of titties, tweet away. Otherwise, keep your personal shit to yourself. “Famous” is not a synonym for “interesting.”

  2. She’s upset because she’s not used to something so small in her mouth

  3. seat filler

    nibbles! who is she kidding she can take the family size of chicken tenders in one gulp, and I’m talking Klitscho family sized

  4. “We’ve secretly replaced animal activist Hayden Panettiere’s chicken fingers with fried bottlenose dolphin. Let’s watch the fun as she realizes she’s being Punk’d!”

  5. Oh yeahhhh….deep fried Whale!!!!!

  6. You’re not fooling anybody with that chicken finger, Hayden. we know you can fit an entire Pringles can down your throat.

  7. Smapdi

    Not pictured – an exasperated, yet still hopeful, Vladimir Klitschko tries again to explain to a confused Hayden what “chicken head” means.

  8. Mike701

    Are you sure this is dolphin free chicken?

  9. The Pope

    Clearly not a fan of “The Britney Spears Toothpick”.

  10. Self-absorbed little twat.

    • acidulous

      Short, sweet, and directly to the point without the mediocre attempt at coming up with the wittiest, funniest, most ridiculous comment in the flock. I like.

  11. Hayden eats one of Wladimir’s bugars after he convinces her this is what girls do in his country. He later laffs his ass off with friends and posts the pics.

  12. anonymous

    Isn’t she a PETA chick and/or dolphin saver? I thought they all had to be vegans.

  13. looks like an old turd

  14. I was promised scrotum.

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