1. Man, I knew those things would grow in… Now I don’t feel like all those spank sessions were for nothing…

  2. Another smoker. Ladies, that’s why men are okay with a blowjob, but won’t kiss you on a bet.

    Well, that’s one reason.

  3. Dammit Dakota, I told you to stop hanging out with Taylor Momsen.
    - Love, Mom

  4. Rick

    This picture makes me want to cry. I really do hope that she can avoid the pitfalls of other young actresses.

  5. Those are some low tits on a woman that young. I totally still would though. She grew up really cute.

  6. Now we just need a Melissa Etheridge song playing in the background…

  7. Skippy86

    Please will someone in Hollywood give her a role were she takes her shirt off, gotta see those puppies.

  8. John Travolta

    She looks just like trouble. Hope she can keep it together.

  9. She reminds me a bit of Jodie Foster — incredibly intelligent, still going to college, and yet maintains superior acting chops. Nothing bad happened to Foster, so I suspect nothing untoward will befall Dakota either. At least until I get my hands up that shirt!

  10. Psssss. Here’s a secret: You need a bra!

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