1. Yeah that’s right… YOU ACT SHAMED you little douchebag…

  2. Another halfwit shithead who can’t pull his pants up or invest in a $25 belt.

  3. Tiggles

    If you dress like a teenage half-wit boy (lookin’ at you, Beiber), you must still be young and vital, right, Ashton Kutcher, age 35? Pull up your pants, lose the hat, buy a belt, put on a shirt with buttons in the front, and start carrying a briefcase. The Hollywood man-boy routine is just pathetic. Grow the fuck up.

    • Trek Girl

      Ugh, how dare a man dress casually and choose to carry his belongings in a backpack, which has absolutely no age limit to wear or use and may, in fact, be more appropriate for carrying the things he needed. How dare he dress in a manner that, while not the most stylish, does not at all break any laws or offend any reasonable sensibilities.

      The audacity…the unmitigated gall! Why, it’s as if he’s a grown man who can wear what he wants to wear. We can’t stand for this!

  4. In his tell-all, a traumatized Kutcher relates how Demi would make him dress provocatively so she could play “sink the wrinkly” on a whim.

  5. All I see is a douchebag with a black back pack, and the Homeland Security tipline. Hopefully the next set of pics includes the savage beatdown of Kutcher by the Boston cops.

  6. What an arrogant asshole.

  7. Jenn

    He’s got the noassatall disease, which afflicts many a skinny white boy. Pity him for this and his douchebaggery.

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