1. Must be awesome being your own biggest fan…

  2. There’s a guy who has had to pare back his hooker budget in recent years.

  3. PJ Bandit

    Really, pole dancing?! He’ll do anything to get some attention.

  4. cutthecrap

    Cock ring too big again

  5. Tiggles

    You know you’ve taken too many kicks to the head when you have to write your initials on your shirt and hat to remember who you are.

  6. “Twenty bucks for a handy, fifty for a blowie. One hundred gets you around the world, but it’s a hundred and fifty if I have to do the splits across two chairs.”

  7. Ouch….he’s doing what we referred to in college as a “double letters foul”, quick, someone needs to smack him in the nuts

  8. cc

    Having been to Vienna, I can tell you he’s the only person there smiling. Talk about morose people.

    Great blondes though…tall, flaxed hair, brown eyes…

  9. Little known fact; in Vienna “JCVD” is the moniker he earned from hookers; “Jesus Christ – Venereal Disease”!

  10. He’s awesome, I’m glad he’s out of nowhere!

  11. journalschism

    …where many women have had his sausage.

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